Travel to Sing and Malaysia to gamble

Singapore and Malaysia are famous for their “massive” casinos in the region and the world. At each casino there are hundreds of different types of gambling and welcome thousands of visitors as well as gamblers to try black and white every day.

In the last days of the year, NNVN reporters came to Singapore and Malaysia to penetrate and really “stunned” casinos considered legitimate in these countries …

Singapore has two large casinos, one is Marina Bay Sands in the city, and the larger is said to be in Sentosa oasis Resorts World. Sentosa is known as Singapore’s 4th largest island, about 5km2 wide with clean beaches, clear water stretching 2km, about 500m from southern Singapore.

Because of the beautiful sea, Resorts, 5-star hotels, 2 golf courses and especially the Casino complex invested up to 4.7 billion USD, Sentosa alone welcomes more than 5 million visitors every year. and try the red and black game.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Malaysia đánh bạc

Sentosa Casino has up to 3 vast basements for parking, if coming here for the first time it will definitely get lost. Mr. Tonny, an indigenous resident, told us, the casino is available 24 hours a day. The entrance area is strictly inspected by security forces. If tourists have to give their passports, they will be allowed to visit or participate in gambling; If the indigenous people want to pay a few dollars, they will have to pay S $ 100 equivalent to 1.6 million VND.

From Singapore we traveled by road through the Malaysian border to Genting Highlands, which is 2,000m above sea level and the casino is said to be the largest in Malaysia. To Genting every tourist must take a cable car or a road. Going to the cable car people can see the whole view of Genting Hotel with nearly … 6000 rooms are considered the most roomy hotel in the world. Not only that, visitors also see the vast, majestic mountains of Malaysia with white fog all day and night – this contributes to attracting travelers when they arrive here.

Genting Malaysia online casino is said to be “more popular” than Singapore’s Sentosa. In addition to free all drinks (tea, coffee, milk, spring water) as in Singapore, there is also a chance for tourists to gamble by freeing 100% of entrance tickets for everyone and at the same time if traveling. Guests will be promoted for a paper worth 10 ring to play.