Tips to play Dragon and Tiger at Malaysia online casino

The most popular game after Baccarat is Dragon and Tiger, roughly translated in Vietnamese as Dragon Tiger. This is a popular game for duets in Macao, Cambodia and the USA. However, most Asian people like to play this game so it is difficult to find this game popular in the West. But do not worry, open an account at Malaysia online casino, you can enjoy playing Dragon Tiger both day and night.

When playing Dragon Tiger you do not need to think much, only the two sides determined to win or lose, very definitive. You need to pay attention to the history of the games, usually 4 to 5 games, and save the cards you have played.

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I for example:
If the Dragon has a Western card (J, Q, K) winning the Tiger (save), then the next game continues the Dragon Thang Tiger (8-3), then conclude the next game if the Dragon has a Western card (J, Q, K, K) then bet immediately on the Dragon.
If the Dragon has a small card (A, 2,3) loses to the Tiger (record the result). Continuing the next game, the Dragon loses the Tiger (3-8), then concludes the next game if the Dragon has (A, 2,3), then immediately put on the Tiger side.

If you continue to see that the hand is winning Dragon-Dragon-Dragon, then review the result, if there are winning results close to each other with the Tiger, for example 7-6, -9-8, -8-7 then immediately put in Dragons because the cards are still flowing water will continue to follow inertia. Can All in or increase the bet on the Dragon.
Above are the tips from the experience of the cards at the silver bank that I’ve played. Hope can help you fight quickly when playing Dragon Tiger here. Be happy!