The 10 best online casino games in 2020 at the house Dafabet (Part 3)

7. Craps

Craps is also known as dice, but its rules are particularly tight and attractive, the betting method is endless.

To become a master in Craps, you need to know the rules and observe a lot. If you are the one who dare to be different, do not like to follow the masses and have enough intelligence to overcome difficult challenges, Craps is the game for you.

8. Online poker

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9. Red Dog

Red Dog is a Casino Game where the third card of the card is about to be played, of a large and small value, within the first 2 cards (not allowed to coincide with the first 2 cards). This way of playing is different from the games of Poker, Baccarat, etc.

This game uses 6 sets of Poker cards, not including the Joker. Each starting game will discard a card. Cards are played from player 1 clockwise with every 2 being a card.

To make a bet, then each card will be dealt 2 cards, the player will surmise the 3rd card has a value of large or small within the first 2 cards or not.

10. Pontoon

Pontoon has a similar playing style to Blackjack, if you have mastered Blackjack, this is a fairly easy game to get acquainted with you. The goal of Pontoon is also to collect so that the total points of the largest cards but not exceed 21.

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Above are the 10 best online casino games in 2020 in dafabet online casino. With these diverse types of online casino games, hope you will have great hours of enjoyment with dafabet online casino.