How to play 2-card poker at the W88 house (Part 2)

Bets and cards are dealt

  • Round 1 (Preflop): Deal 2 cards for each player. This round is at the beginning of the game, each player is dealt 2 cards, also known as two trump cards. Cards are dealt from a person with a D (dealer) clockwise.
  • Round 2 (The flop): Divide 3 cards in a row. At the end of the game, bet, according to … of the first round, the next 3 community cards will be turned over to combine with the two cards in the hands of the players you play to create a hand. These common cards are all visible to you and do not belong to anyone. Those who do or do not show cards will continue to advance to the 3rd round.
  • Round 3 (The turn): Divide the 4th community card. The next community card is turned in combination with the table and hand of each friend. Activities such as raiding, following, and betting continues, the remaining player will continue to go to the next round. If there is one follower left and no one follows, the one sitting down wins all the money on the table. If there are still followers on the table, they will continue to the last round which is around 4.
  • Round 4 (River): The last community card. The fifth community card is also opened to combine with your table and hand cards to create a link. This is the last round of betting if you continue to follow, the card will flip and calculate the hand. The player with the best hand will win and w88 draws on the table, but still give the dealer a little to get luck for the next game.

A Poker Hand will always be made up of 5 cards. You only have the right to hold 2 cards in your hand, and use them to combine with the table hand to create a new poker hand, which arrangement should be as possible.