How to play 2-card poker at the W88 house (Part 1)

Poker as you all know or have heard, this is a form of online casino gambling for real money is very much interested gambling.

Currently, the number of 2-to-3-leaf poker players at the house of w88 betting is increasing, this is the game with the most variations, in the Bigkool card game system, this game is invested and built according to the real life basic poker. The community of big kool poker players is currently considered to be the largest community with the highest number of participants. Join us to discover how to play a 2-card poker at W88 is one of the prestigious bookmakers, through the article below.

Basic poker leaf rule

The rules of 2-leaf poker in particular and the poker game in general, are quite simple. This game starts the game by having 2 cards dealt and not seeing each other’s cards. After that 5 community cards will be drawn in 3 rounds in order of 3-1-1, the first round will be shown 3 cards at the same time, two rounds after each round will be shown to everyone to decide to place a bet, according to or retreat at each round. The winner is the other person who does not retreat in the round and has the best 5-card deck drawn from the 2 cards in the hand and the 5 largest community cards. Specifically, we will describe and analyze carefully below:

Step 1: Start playing

In each specific hand, before dealing, the player must make a bet first. The bet of 2 players is called Blinds, the first player will bet on the minimum bet, the second player will have to bet an amount twice the amount of the first person, the first person is Small Blinds, and the person The second is Big Blind – the usual way of calling a 2-card poker bet at the house of w88. These are all professional terms in poker, remember to avoid confusion.

As soon as the Blinds bet has been placed, each player will be dealt 2 cards to start the first round of betting for this round. The next player in the first round is the person next to the big blind.

Step 2: Make a selection for each betting round

In the different betting rounds, each player in turn will make a choice and make his own decision, whether to continue or stop, waiting for the new game. Here’s a basic concept for you to understand how to play 2-card poker at the w88 house.

  • Upside down: Skip current hand, for example a small hand. The up-and-down player loses money on the previous bets.
  • According to: Keep playing, if a person raises money first, you have to put more money in the pot equal to the previous one.
  • Poker: Including “Follow” and add money to the pot, the extra amount limits from 1 to 20 times the table bet.
  • Tip: Put all your money into the eraser.

The round will end when only one player continues to play on the table, or no one else raises anymore.