Some ways to cheat in Poker you should know (Part 2)

Pretend to skip cards

This way of cheating in Poker usually happens before the show, the cheating player will hold his hand and flick his wrist as if he had actually discarded the card, but in fact they still hold the hand. This action is intended to deceive other players that they have already discarded their cards and thus will be the action before the turn.

If a few people discard the cards first, when the error is detected by the Dealer or someone else, they will have easy information to Raise, because it is less likely to have a Call. To prevent these tricks, the only way is to observe the game very carefully. If the 4th player deliberately pretends to discard the card and it is the turn of the player to sit in the 5th position to act, immediately raise his voice to prevent the rear players from continuing to follow.

Hide the chip at the bottom

In this method of fraud, players will not disclose the value of their Bet or Raise, but only manipulate chips with a little money. Attached to that is a high-value coin chip at the bottom. They hope that you will not recognize the bottom chip and do not require counting the value of that currency before you declare Call.

You need to be alert so you don’t fall into this trap. Please ask for the exact number of Bet bets before making your decision.

These forms of fraud in Poker are only encountered when you play offline, while you play online at online casinos, you can avoid these tricks because simply playing Poker online will not help you. touching the chips or doing the above tricks.

Hopefully, the tips provided above are useful for you when playing poker at online Malaysia casinos!