Some ways to cheat in Poker you should know (Part 1)

Overview of Poker

Poker is a card game originating in Chinaf when playing it is almost impossible to open all the cards, instead players have to add money to be able to continue to open the mysterious cards.

Poker attracts players by the mystery of it, players will not know which card is strong, which is weak, should bet more, should follow, or should draw, etc.

Among those playing cards online, how many people have never played cheating, no matter how much. In the end, I just want to make a profit for myself. While playing Poker, it is not necessary to say, the frequency of cheating is even more dense, especially for those who have long experience, then the discovery of cheating is not simple. Here, I will share with you some of the most common ways to cheat in Poker, of course, apart from the ones listed above, there are many but I cannot temporarily put out all the statistics.

Bet outside the circle

On the poker table, the money stakes around the playing field for everyone. Here, the methods of cheating in Poker is to push the stack of chips very aggressively but only close to the specified betting round. They want you to think, this is a Bet or Raise depending on the current situation. After you have the response, they will rely on your reaction to leave the chip stack.

If they see you are losing, then immediately they grab the pot with speed quickly and hope that no one will see the stack of chips has not passed the betting round. If they lose, they will be like a flamboyant fight and think that they have not finished betting and not really to Call.

The solution to this fraud is usually quite easy, just pay close attention to the game and then ask the Dealer to clearly ask the specific action that is Call or Raise, Bet then you have a reaction.