Roulette Betting With James Bond Tactics – Fast Winning in Malaysia online casino

The James Bond betting strategy was inspired by the classic 009 spy movie. Every mission in the film was a gamble and of course 007 always won.

So is the James Bond betting strategy in Malaysia online casino. Mathematically, logically and physically, it shows that this betting method will help the player gain a significant advantage at the table. Especially the Roulette Roulette table. Specifically how, please follow the following article.

Players wagering by this method will use at least 200 wagers. And divide this amount by 3 different betting places in the same bet. The corpus is as follows:

  • 10 units for number 0: Feed rate: 1-160
  • 50 units for bets 13-18: Meal ratio 1-2
  • 140 units for High Bet: 19 – 36: 1-1 payout
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Chiến Thuật James Bond

So you can see the chances of winning naturally at Roulette table is 2.8% – 50% if you only choose one bet. However, if the James Bond multi-door betting strategy is applied, this probability reaches nearly 70%.

By dividing the bet by multiple bet stalls in principle: placing a high on the door has a high probability of winning and a small bet for a bet with a low probability of winning. So James Bond tactics help you improve the chances of winning, and maximize the bet when you win.

Because each bet you need at least 200 units of bets. Suppose the dealer sets a minimum bet of $ 10 per door. So you need at least 200 measurements for each bet. This money for new players may not be a small number. So if you accidentally miss and lose, it is likely that you will run out of capital before coming to the series to win again.

The above is a complete guide to betting on Roulette using James Bond tactics. Very easy but effective is not it. Hopefully the article will help you beat that victory like James Bond. Wish you have fun and have a lot of luck Roulette arena.