The 10 best online casino games in 2020 at the house Dafabet (Part 2)

4. Blackjack

Blackjack (21 point game) is an extremely popular onlie casino game in the world, it is a confrontation between the house and the house. Among Casino Games, Blackjack is said to be able to beat the house with card counting skills, so it is always a table that attracts many people in the Casino.

Start a game of Blackjack, each house and the house are dealt 2 cards. The children have the right to draw additional cards to improve their scores if desired. In short, the way to play Blackjack is: we need to beat the house with a higher score but not exceeding 21.

5. The Jackpot game

Jackpot is a popular Casino game with the special feature that when losing, the money the player loses will be added to the total value of that Jackpot game.

This amount is accumulated until someone wins, meaning that the player who wins last will receive all the big money according to the number of previous players accumulated, the Jackpot reward is usually very large.

Jackpot has many variations such as fruit, nature, pirate, snake dragon, but the principle of play is still the same.

6. Slot Game

Slot Game is also known as a slot machine, which is a very popular game at Malaysia online casino. A slot game consists of 3-5 horizontal and 3-5 vertical lines along with many different icons depending on the theme of the gaming machine.

When players operate, the machine also emits a lot of fun sounds, slot game is also a game accounting for a significant proportion of the revenue of online casinos.

Players will win when there are at least 2 or 3 identical symbols on the same payout. Or when spinning the game, you have special bonus symbols that will help you win big and have a chance to win the Jackpot.

Play online casino games at W88 bookmarker

One of the advantages that attract players of W88 is the diverse and abundant game store. Here, players can experience many new and exciting games today.

Participating in playing cards for redeeming now becomes a new trend, getting the love of many players. It can be accessed in many forms, many different games to choose from, along with an attractive deposit and withdrawal mode.

Slot Game

Game Slot is one of the top attractive products at the W88 online gaming portal. Here, the explosive games are extremely invested in terms of both graphics and prize-winning. In particular, the game rules are very attractive Slot, players can get a lot of surprises from this game.


Traditional card game

The card game is one of the popular and popular games. To meet the entertainment needs of players, W88 gives you a store of card games with a variety of games and diverse.

Online casino games

If you are a fan of casino games, then W88 is an address you should not miss. A lot of modern and attractive online casino games are waiting for you to explore. Here, you can participate in extremely hot games.

Take part in sports betting at W88

Sports betting is a form of entertainment that attracts a lot of participants. Not only relaxing, betting at W88 also gives you the opportunity to receive valuable and attractive rewards. Accessing this super hot online game portal you will experience betting on the following subjects:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Tennis

Here, you will have the opportunity to place bets on dozens of sports in tournaments around the world. All the latest information on the bets will be updated continuously.

Livestream Casino

In addition, there is also a LiveStream Online Casino for gamers to enjoy a high-end casino space. The Angel’s dealer will help players experience the game in the best way. You can join exciting and interesting games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack…

Is W88 online gaming portal reputable?

This is a question that many players will wonder when interested in W88. Despite being a new game portal, the number of players here is increasing day by day. Not only that, the products here are also invested in a variety of attractive prizes.

The customer service staff here is very professional and enthusiastic about training. Any time you need support, you can contact them for support. With these advantages, players can rest assured W88 is a reputable and experienced online gaming portal.

Just now is some information about the W88 online game portal. This is one of the high-class and high-quality card game portals on the market today. Hopefully, the article will help you choose a reputable online gaming venue and have interesting experiences.

How to accurately access W88 online casino?

The W88 bookie always tries its best to bring the best amusement parks for betting. Therefore, the number of members participating in W88 always grows steadily each month.

However, there are many fake websites that link to W88. This makes the player feel bewildered, because they do not know how to access W88 by the link is “standard”.

To help you get the most accurate information about W88, I would like to invite you to see the article below.

Here, we will summarize and evaluate all information related to the W88 dealer in the most complete and detailed way. If you are looking to learn more about the W88 dealer before deciding to bet, then I recommend you take a few minutes to view this article.

Let’s get started!

About the house W88

In the betting market in Malaysia, the W88 bookmaker is always a name that is highly appreciated by the betting world. Private. Even, W88 is also the most prestigious house in Asia today.

After many years of establishment and development in the betting field, W88 has made great changes in all aspects. Strong revenue growth, W88’s betting network covering the world, is “present” in more than 200 countries.

All of the achievements that W88 has achieved today, thanks to the ingenious leadership of Marquee Holdings. (headquarters located in the Philippines)

How to enter – The link to W88 is accurate and latest

To access W88, which link should we log in as the most accurate one? Why am I talking about this issue, simply because as follows.

Firstly, you should go to Google and search for keywords “w88 reputable house”. Then you will find the link to the most standard W88 that we recommend.

Second, W88 is a reputable house and has the largest number of members participating in betting. So there will be many cases of fraud, fake W88 website. When players access and deposit into these sites, the risk of losing the newly deposited amount is very high.

Third, similar to some other reputable bookmakers, the link to access to the W88 website is also blocked by the domestic network.

The secret to winning in Baccarat at online casino

Do you know why do most players have more wins than losses, and in the end, the money loses? This proves that your bet process has a problem, maybe when you bet big, you lose, and when you bet small amounts win, if so, the end result is still losing more than common sense.

If you want to solve the above problem, it is best for the player to orient a specific plan for yourself in the game, and wholeheartedly implement the proposed plan, such a plan will certainly not You can see the effect immediately, but in the long term, the results that it brings will naturally be more positive. If the player only blindly bet, do not know how to manage his money and spin, it will only make the player lose more miserably, and in the long run, the amount of winning bets will drop even more.

Players who want to win Baccarat online casino game, in addition to having your own skills, you must create a detailed plan of playing.

Baccarat players have to be firm in managing their capital, only then can they maintain their capital and winnings, to minimize their losses and at the same time achieve. Certain victories in the game longer lasting. If there is a situation of consecutive losses in the game, the player should not eat blood to the end, even if before that has lost a significant amount, it is absolutely not possible because of a hot minute to remove gauze but recklessly, the more psychologically that is, the easier it is to lose, if you do not want to have a satisfactory outcome, then it is best to control it and never let this happen.

If the game day is not lucky, all the winnings are also lost, you need to stop at the appropriate time and must resolutely leave the table if you want to continue the game, then dismiss the hot temper, because the hotter the Baccarat players, the easier it is to make the wrong decisions. If that day wins a decent amount of money and the card is always good, the player can try to slowly raise the higher bet, but also need to know the stopping point, absolutely not until the winning amount is returned to other players.

Players participating in Baccarat need to plan the playing time every day, absolutely not to play while physically and mentally tired, because at times like this the player is very prone to chaos, even more unable to practice median spirit to come up with a right strategy.

The 10 best online casino games in 2020 at the house Dafabet (Part 1)

Welcome to Dafabet Malaysia’s online betting news website Dafabet is an online betting brand that offers betting odds on many outstanding events. Dafabet offers online betting players the feeling of exciting, exciting and exciting online betting.

There are over 5,000 online betting matches at Dafabet Sportsbook every week from football betting, basketball betting, betting tennis and many other online sports betting sports such as boxing, athletics betting, golf betting

Below is a list of the 10 best online casino games in 2020 at the house Dafabet.

1. Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular online casino game, easy to learn and easy to play. Much of the work is done by Dealer. The dealer draws the card according to the rules and then the player does not have to make any decisions.

In a game of Baccarat, players only have to make two decisions as follows.

Choose the winning door.

The amount of the bet.

Once a bet has been placed, they do not need to make any further decisions during the game.

2. Roulette

Roulette in French means a small spin, is a game with simple rules, high payout so it is not strange that Roulette tables are always the most crowded area in the Malaysia online casino.

The dealer then spins the wheel, then drops a small ball around the circle around the wheel in the opposite direction, the ball loses momentum and then falls into a number box on the wheel.

In a game of Roulette, players have a variety of bets such as: Odd, black-red, horizontal lines, vertical columns or bets on a specific lucky number box.

3. Sicbo

Sicbo (dice roll) is a simple, attractive game that doesn’t require a lot of skills, tactics or superior skills. Sicbo is especially popular in Asian casinos.

In a Sic Bo game, the Dealer (also the house) will shake 3 dice at once in a small box, the player simply predicts the results of those 3 dice with many different bets such as Fortune, Double bets, Triple bets, Sum bets, Pair bets, or bets on a specific number.

Method of playing online Keno in online casinos

The method of playing Keno online and it is also one of the reputable online casino games that are attracting a large number of customers today.

With the desire for new players who have gained more experience to play Keno better, here we will share a lot of effective Keno online experience.

The experience of playing online Keno is comparable to that of a slot machine game. Because both of these two games also have very simple rules that bring a lot of opportunities to win high. However, what is interesting about playing Keno online casino game? Unlike in other online casino games, it does not comply with any strict requirements to win. It is like playing the lottery.

The first thing when you play Keno is to remember as many numbers as possible. It is not necessary to remember the methods of playing Keno online, strategies and that you have played with different opponents at the house.

 In Keno online game, there is an item for you to play betting, you can click on it to increase or decrease the bet amount as you like. Once you have chosen the bet amount, you will also start selecting the numbers available on the Keno board by clicking directly on the numbers. If the method of playing Keno online the minimum bet amount of the numbers has chosen the ratio with the betting bet, it will also be displayed on the adjacent screen on the side. The more you choose, the more chances you’ll have to pay.

It is up to the size of the betting table and the number of winning times to be 10 numbers. Thus, Keno games have paid prizes based on the betting scale and the number of times you have chosen to win. It is similar to the new lottery types available today, and Mega 6/45 buffet lottery in the local, Keno online methods, participants playing in the online casino can also buy ticket numbers and also choose many different numbers on each ticket.

Experience playing online Keno to play this game is also better that you also have to choose for yourself a minimum of 4 numbers but also no more than 10 numbers starting from 1 to 80. Because each choice is also one point, in those cases where you choose 10 numbers, you are playing at a game that has 10 points and there is software for playing Keno online that is also choosing 20 numbers from this board. And it is best for players to buy fast pick tickets along with the numbers that have already been chosen rather than having to choose their own playing numbers.

6 types of Asian people you will meet in a casino table

1. Asians are good at cheating

A common stereotype of Asians is that they have good manners, but are very cunning and easy to deceive you, these “conspiracies” always seem to take place silently.

2. Chinese people have their own slang in casinos.

In the casino, no one cares if you have bad English. Chinese people always say what they think directly, and do not need to know you use grammar correctly.

3. Malaysian players are difficult to make a contract

Malaysian women in their 50-60s want to fight. They will take your money and then shout at you until you raise the issue. Once, I saw two Malaysian old women trying to hit each other in the head at an Malaysia casino. I think the dispute is kind of intentional.

Anyway, if I had a prejudice against other people, I wouldn’t be fooled against them because they would fight back.

4. Japanese people are gentle and smart

When it comes to money, Japanese players are very good at strategy. They know when to let go or continue playing. Inside the Cali casino, you will rarely see any Japanese in such expensive, dangerous, non-transparent places. Japanese people are smart people.

5. Like in Korean movies, Koreans are very emotional

Koreans know how to make a first impression. From the scent, the clothes are very well groomed. They like to show and bet an incredible amount of money. That is why they are known as high risk players.

6. Thai people are polite and practical

They just tend to be polite, polite and have fun around. Often the casino staff will be Thai. The girls dealing Thai cards have a humorous attitude and talk softly. The Thai cashier girl will share about the book she is reading instead of tips for playing cards. Thai waiters always bring rice with everything, even dishes that do not need rice.

Generally not all Asian players have such attitudes, this article only exposes the real situation of Asians in casinos in the West. To save time, cost money and deal with annoying people why not play in an online casino at home when it’s much more comfortable. All you need is a laptop or mobile phone with an internet connection and you’re done.

Is it easy to win when playing Baccarat at w88 online casino? (Part 2)

A word of advice to the player is to never bet on a Tie, even though the winnings from the Tie are quite high: 1 to 8, but your odds of winning are extremely low. When a player places a bet on either the Banker or Player’s door, the chance of winning is 50%, although Banker wins more when the longer he plays.

To win a bet, you need to keep track of the cards, and see if the sequence is even or not? That is to determine the game cycle, this factor is very important, also the key to determining 70% of the game win rate. When the player catches the game, the probability of winning will increase to 90%.

An important point to note is that in addition to determining the game hand, the player needs to determine the dealer ‘s betting period. These are cards in a sequence, the Player or Banker in a row. This series may be very long or may be short.

If you take full advantage of this series and continue to bet on the winning hand, then the ability to raise the house’s money in many consecutive games will be easier. Before placing a bet, players must be aware of the logic of each game clearly, if the game is not good or you are not confident in your bet, then stop the game.

Remember, it is not always easy to win when palying Baccarat at Malaysia online casino. Therefore, you had better know the right time to temporarily stop the game.


This article is a summary of the analysis of Baccarat experts for reference, if you know how to play, find out what is and register to join now. Hopefully, this resource will help players to have a specific Baccarat play strategy as well as accumulate more experience winning house bets when participating in this online casino game. Good luck!

Is it easy to win when playing Baccarat at w88 online casino? (Part 1)

Baccarat scratch card is one of the most popular attractive games at Malaysia online casino. The appeal of the game thanks to its simple rules, quick pay payout. But the factor that attracts a large number of players is that you believe that you can easily win against the house, is that true?

The essence of Baccarat online

Basically, Baccarat online and offline at Malaysia casino are the same, it’s a game with 50-50 win rate, meaning that the player has 50% win, the remaining 50% of the house. Thus, Baccarat can easily win the house is completely incorrect, but everything is relatively nothing at all absolute. The chance for players to win house money also lies in many factors such as playing psychology, playing tactics, etc.

The tactics that you give when participating in Baccarat rake are very important, when you have a specific strategy, it is easier for the player to make money from the house. And those who play without tactics, losing the bet is inevitable. So how to have an effective strategy when playing Baccarat at Malaysia online casino? The following will give us appropriate answers.

How to set up effective Baccarat tactics

The professional Baccarat players all have a secret for themselves, but whether that strategy works or not depends on how the bet is divided. So the first task is to identify the appropriate goal, because this is a game with a ratio of 50-50 so do not set the bet goal too low, so bet accordingly.

In my opinion, the bet should be equal to 70% of the capital, if the target is 10% or 20%, the risk is also quite high, you win 10 days but losing only 1 day is considered as clean capital. Thus, in order not to lose all the capital of playing, each day only wins 20% or 30%, when losing to less than 50% of the capital, please stop, the next day add capital and continue playing.

How to bet a Baccarat game at the house of Empire777?

On the tables, it will display the amount you want to bet, just left click on the amount and place on the gates. Note, that every click on a bet is an additional amount to bet on the table.

On each table there are also the following functions.


If you have placed a bet in the previous round, you can click on this button to automatically bet the same as in the previous game at the guide to play Empire777.

Double bets (2x)

Once selected, the repeat button will be selected to be able to automatically double the bet amount already placed.


This function is only for canceling the last bet that has been placed, or click a few times to be able to continue canceling the previous bet.

At this point, you already know how to play Baccarat scratch cards at Empire777 according to the instructions for playing Empire777, for new players who do not have much experience, so it is the lowest bet, when you can grasp it The rules for drawing cards are very high. Wish you have moments of fun entertainment with these online Baccarat games again.

General assessment of the Empire777 house

By being able to use yellow to make theme colors, users will never be bored because its own interface always looks very bright and It is also clear that there are no things that are unnecessary in accordance with the instructions of playing Empire777.

Thet Empire777 has an absolute competitive advantage in website design compared to almost all websites that support Malaysia online casino.

In terms of systems where betting is played, the house of Empire777 focuses more on providing customers with guaranteed and safe Malaysia online casino environments. playing online gambling games is highly entertaining.

Basically, the products that play their own online betting according to Empire777 assessment are often divided into 3 main segments according to Empire777 play guide including games that play online, online casino that play on online slots, as well as board games.