6 types of Asian people you will meet in a casino table

1. Asians are good at cheating

A common stereotype of Asians is that they have good manners, but are very cunning and easy to deceive you, these “conspiracies” always seem to take place silently.

2. Chinese people have their own slang in casinos.

In the casino, no one cares if you have bad English. Chinese people always say what they think directly, and do not need to know you use grammar correctly.

3. Malaysian players are difficult to make a contract

Malaysian women in their 50-60s want to fight. They will take your money and then shout at you until you raise the issue. Once, I saw two Malaysian old women trying to hit each other in the head at an Malaysia casino. I think the dispute is kind of intentional.

Anyway, if I had a prejudice against other people, I wouldn’t be fooled against them because they would fight back.

4. Japanese people are gentle and smart

When it comes to money, Japanese players are very good at strategy. They know when to let go or continue playing. Inside the Cali casino, you will rarely see any Japanese in such expensive, dangerous, non-transparent places. Japanese people are smart people.

5. Like in Korean movies, Koreans are very emotional

Koreans know how to make a first impression. From the scent, the clothes are very well groomed. They like to show and bet an incredible amount of money. That is why they are known as high risk players.

6. Thai people are polite and practical

They just tend to be polite, polite and have fun around. Often the casino staff will be Thai. The girls dealing Thai cards have a humorous attitude and talk softly. The Thai cashier girl will share about the book she is reading instead of tips for playing cards. Thai waiters always bring rice with everything, even dishes that do not need rice.

Generally not all Asian players have such attitudes, this article only exposes the real situation of Asians in casinos in the West. To save time, cost money and deal with annoying people why not play in an online casino at home when it’s much more comfortable. All you need is a laptop or mobile phone with an internet connection and you’re done.

Is it easy to win when playing Baccarat at w88 online casino? (Part 2)

A word of advice to the player is to never bet on a Tie, even though the winnings from the Tie are quite high: 1 to 8, but your odds of winning are extremely low. When a player places a bet on either the Banker or Player’s door, the chance of winning is 50%, although Banker wins more when the longer he plays.

To win a bet, you need to keep track of the cards, and see if the sequence is even or not? That is to determine the game cycle, this factor is very important, also the key to determining 70% of the game win rate. When the player catches the game, the probability of winning will increase to 90%.

An important point to note is that in addition to determining the game hand, the player needs to determine the dealer ‘s betting period. These are cards in a sequence, the Player or Banker in a row. This series may be very long or may be short.

If you take full advantage of this series and continue to bet on the winning hand, then the ability to raise the house’s money in many consecutive games will be easier. Before placing a bet, players must be aware of the logic of each game clearly, if the game is not good or you are not confident in your bet, then stop the game.

Remember, it is not always easy to win when palying Baccarat at Malaysia online casino. Therefore, you had better know the right time to temporarily stop the game.


This article is a summary of the analysis of Baccarat experts for reference, if you know how to play, find out what w88.com is and register to join now. Hopefully, this resource will help players to have a specific Baccarat play strategy as well as accumulate more experience winning house bets when participating in this online casino game. Good luck!

Is it easy to win when playing Baccarat at w88 online casino? (Part 1)

Baccarat scratch card is one of the most popular attractive games at Malaysia online casino. The appeal of the game thanks to its simple rules, quick pay payout. But the factor that attracts a large number of players is that you believe that you can easily win against the house, is that true?

The essence of Baccarat online

Basically, Baccarat online and offline at Malaysia casino are the same, it’s a game with 50-50 win rate, meaning that the player has 50% win, the remaining 50% of the house. Thus, Baccarat can easily win the house is completely incorrect, but everything is relatively nothing at all absolute. The chance for players to win house money also lies in many factors such as playing psychology, playing tactics, etc.

The tactics that you give when participating in Baccarat rake are very important, when you have a specific strategy, it is easier for the player to make money from the house. And those who play without tactics, losing the bet is inevitable. So how to have an effective strategy when playing Baccarat at Malaysia online casino? The following will give us appropriate answers.

How to set up effective Baccarat tactics

The professional Baccarat players all have a secret for themselves, but whether that strategy works or not depends on how the bet is divided. So the first task is to identify the appropriate goal, because this is a game with a ratio of 50-50 so do not set the bet goal too low, so bet accordingly.

In my opinion, the bet should be equal to 70% of the capital, if the target is 10% or 20%, the risk is also quite high, you win 10 days but losing only 1 day is considered as clean capital. Thus, in order not to lose all the capital of playing, each day only wins 20% or 30%, when losing to less than 50% of the capital, please stop, the next day add capital and continue playing.

How to bet a Baccarat game at the house of Empire777?

On the tables, it will display the amount you want to bet, just left click on the amount and place on the gates. Note, that every click on a bet is an additional amount to bet on the table.

On each table there are also the following functions.


If you have placed a bet in the previous round, you can click on this button to automatically bet the same as in the previous game at the guide to play Empire777.

Double bets (2x)

Once selected, the repeat button will be selected to be able to automatically double the bet amount already placed.


This function is only for canceling the last bet that has been placed, or click a few times to be able to continue canceling the previous bet.

At this point, you already know how to play Baccarat scratch cards at Empire777 according to the instructions for playing Empire777, for new players who do not have much experience, so it is the lowest bet, when you can grasp it The rules for drawing cards are very high. Wish you have moments of fun entertainment with these online Baccarat games again.

General assessment of the Empire777 house

By being able to use yellow to make theme colors, users will never be bored because its own interface always looks very bright and It is also clear that there are no things that are unnecessary in accordance with the instructions of playing Empire777.

Thet Empire777 has an absolute competitive advantage in website design compared to almost all websites that support Malaysia online casino.

In terms of systems where betting is played, the house of Empire777 focuses more on providing customers with guaranteed and safe Malaysia online casino environments. playing online gambling games is highly entertaining.

Basically, the products that play their own online betting according to Empire777 assessment are often divided into 3 main segments according to Empire777 play guide including games that play online, online casino that play on online slots, as well as board games.

A fresh look at online Poker

Those who are new to or have not heard of online poker think it is a red game. But for long-term players, the level reaches the high level of players, they realize that online poker is not only a risk but also contains quite a lot of intellectual elements in it.

The dizzying development of online poker

Online poker is not just an online casino game, it has become a competitive sport in the Olympics. From a casino game, it has now become an entertaining sport that is hard to resist. What makes those attractions? Because it is associated with the personality of each player and has been becoming quite popular game most popular in all walks of life.

You know, there are quite a number of Poker tournaments held at many national, regional or world levels. Here, gathered quite a number of professional poker players and they competed together. There are international matches, prizes can be up to millions of dollars, the players can be considered as a chance to show their talents for these great prizes.

To become a high poker player

Poker before, now and promises for the future will be even more famous. From now on, train yourself a lot to be able to become a master from this game, and then earn a huge profit from the game but get real money.

Here are some key elements that a poker player must have:


This is one of the most important factors to winning online poker. Psychology includes the intelligence of the player in which you will not be able to win when you only rely on luck. To be able to stick for a long time, to make real money from this game, you need to train yourself a fairly stable mentality when playing, have a clear plan and the best analytical ability. A good mentality can play well, not just online poker but any casino game.


Playing online poker or any game once you aim to become a master, you can not see the game merely as entertainment. So if you want to make money, you have to have money. Having abundant money, you can play psychologically to play, you can focus on playing without money being dominated by any factors.



Though not all luck, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Besides the experience factors, playing techniques, you want to become a few online poker players, sometimes you have to have luck or know how to create luck for yourself. For poker players who think only briefly and consider this as an entertainment, the element of luck deciding whether to win or lose is always right. For those who play Poker with long-term planning, the element of luck is just traveling with them. Of course, everyone wants to be always lucky, but can’t just depend on it.

How do you feel about this online Poker game? If you intend to become a professional player, it is best to prepare these conditions!

What games does EMPIRE777 Online Casino offer?

Currently very popular in Malaysia and around the world, players just need to connect to the Internet to be able to immerse themselves in the casino entertainment world anytime anywhere is no different than joining real at the casino.

What is online casino?

Is a website that provides real money online gambling games with a variety of categories. All activities the player sees on the screen are 100% real. And it was filmed first at the table. More specifically, players can chat directly with Dealer (dealer). Help bring a more real feel like immersing yourself in the real-world casino world.

The games that you can play in Empire777 online Casino

There are many games you can join in online casino. These games are played by real people. Thanks to that, you can watch their actions directly. Here are the most popular card games today:


This game is extremely simple. Dealer will deal cards with 2 doors, Player’s house and Banker house. Each side has 3 cards, and the player can place any door. The highest 9 points, if the player puts on the right hand wins the money. Because it is easy to play, this game is very popular with beginners.


Playing blackjack online also brings sensory pleasure. As you would experience in traditional casinos. You will have one dealer for everyone. Your card is turned over on the table in front of you. Therefore, you are considered how to bet. This is one of the most stimulating games on online casinos. When they deal right in front of you.


This game consists of a wheel spun by a dealer. You bet on the boxes on the table. If the ball is stopped in the box you bet, the money you win will be taken into account.


Poker allows you to play with other players viewing the dealer with you. Dealers are allowed to view all of their posts so that they can determine the winner.

Bonuses are the best when you play anywhere, anytime. From the bonus, a lot of players win and withdraw money to their bank account. However, players need to play enough revenue required.

Most of the most reputable online casinos in Malaysia today offer 100% bonus when you first deposit money. This is a great opportunity to double your initial deposit and also increase your chances of winning.

Above are the games that you can enjoy at Empire777 Malaysia online casino. Have fun with this reputable online casino!

Want to play cards online to win the dealer: Remember the 4 steps

There are many people who play real money online at an online casino. Although many different tactics have been applied, most of them are read somewhere online and brought back to apply or there are also tactics that players have come up with.

You were too focused on the tactics when betting a game but forgot the surrounding elements. According to Laviste’s research, these factors accounted for 50% of the player’s ability to win.

Follow these 4 things, you will be able to make money when gambling online.

1. Know the winning or losing ratio of online gambling games

A lot of people think that players always win cards because they have a lot of luck, but they do not know that these players know the odds of winning or losing the games they often play.

2. Initial capital: The vital factor

There are brothers who pay $10 to try their luck, maybe win big. That is the meaning of those who play toad children, experienced players they never pay small amount of money because at play there will be winning and losing, there are cards that you have a high winning rate without money to beat. The money you won is not much. For large players, initial capital management is important. It will affect tactics and play psychology.

3. Play long, stop at the right time

When playing online gambling, depending on the financial situation and the goals of each person that different set their own goals. However, the advice given is to stop when you win 2.5 times the original capital and stop playing when you have lost 70% of the capital. Gambling online for real money online or playing in real life is that it has a strange rule that you will win and lose like a sine-shaped graph sometimes up and down, when you have reached the top of the winning and marked.

4. Reasonable tactics

You should remember, there is no one strategy that is absolutely 100% correct, only a logical trip and that the player applies smoothly and accurately to make it highly effective. And each type of card has different strategies and cannot be applied to all games.

Things to keep in mind when playing online casino

The gambling entertainment industry has exploded in recent years thanks to the strong development of the Internet world. Online casinos (online casino) attract a large number of participants to gamble online. However, there are still many risks when playing on betting sites. One of the biggest risks is the security of the site for members.

Here are the things to know when participating in online gambling sites.

Casino is legal

Always check online casino sites licensed by the government or secured organizations. It is also worth noting that betting sites have a system to prevent minors from participating in gambling because this is a valid legal requirement in regular casinos.

Payment method

To play online casino and win real money, you need to provide your bank account gambling sites and credit card information. For this reason, the online casino you choose needs to be highly secure to keep your personal information and money secure.


Most casinos can pay for 5-10 days depending on the banking system and payment method. Payment information can be easily monitored and fast service speed to please the players. All bank and bank remittance service fees are public. It is important that you read through the website terms and conditions in case of withdrawing a large sum of money at a time.

Customer care

Customer service at online casinos plays an important role and can be easily contacted. As a player, you always want to contact support staff with questions about bonuses, transfers or games. Customer service is available 24/7 so you can be fully contacted at any time.

Above are the things to keep in mind when playing online casino. If you feel uncomfortable or cannot find the necessary information, you leave your current casino and move to a new casino.

Nowadays, playing card games as well as casino games has blossomed like white flowers. Playing online should help all players can participate in playing casinos anytime, anywhere, bringing online casino games as well as popular attractive games like real casinos will help players. Bring universal options to play.

Paying money is not as competitive as it used to be, so many gambling players now choose online casino as the best option instead of having to own casinos. Casino to play. But when it comes to global casino gambling, you also need some small experience and things to know when playing casino.

Basic knowledge about slot games you need to know

Slot games are slot machine games, one of the most popular and popular money-making games at an online casino and live casinos.

Rules for playing slots like

All real money slot games have the same rules and procedures: Place bets, spin and win bonuses if you spin the right winning combinations. However, each variation will have some different playing rules, as follows:

Classic Slot

These games have spin and can have one to many different pay rows to activate. You will win if the symbols on the payout line are activated in accordance with one of the winning combinations specified on the payout table. The payment rows triggered in slot games are usually found in horizontal, vertical and sometimes diagonal lines on the roll.

Video slots

Similar to video slot games but instead of spinning the rolls, video slots often have dynamic features that replace the rolls. Payment on video slots is usually more complicated, for example, may include interlacing, zigzag and V-shaped.

To play the video slot, you place coins in the machine corresponding to the number of payment rows you want to activate. The usual bet of 1 cent is 1 payout line, so you should place low bets and lots of payouts to have more chances to win. After successfully placing a coin, select the “Spin” button. When the reel is stopped, the machine will automatically highlight the winning combinations and if you are lucky, you will receive the corresponding bonus.

Buttons used in games


This feature allows you to set presets for a number of consecutive games without having to reset the bets and the number of rows per play. Select “Auto Play”, set the number of coins you want to play, the number of rows you want to activate and the number of games you want to play in a row. Then you just sit and watch the game, if you win any winning combination, the money will be automatically added to your account. If you want to remove this feature at any time, simply select the “Stop” button.


Bet Max

Select this button to activate all bets that can be placed in the game and set the number of spins at the same time. You simply need to set the coin level and then click on “Bet Max” to play.

Bet One

Select this button to place a bet on a payout line. When you’re ready to spin, select the Spin button to set the motion game.


Click this button to collect your winnings and add them to your account


Click this button to start playing the game by spinning.

Ten tips that help you conquer Poker at Malaysia online casino (Part 2)

Play multiple tables

Most sites allow you to play at multiple tables at the same time. When playing at 2 or more tables, chances are good that you will get lucky in one of them. This requires you to play with great care and concentration so as not to be tangled.

Understand the game better

There are many theories about how poker works and explain behind every game. Read as much as possible to know the difference between the cards and their combinations. Learn various techniques and betting strategies to try.

Keep track of your matches

When playing Poker at Malaysia online casino with real money, it is important to keep track of the results of previous matches. You need to know the number of losses and wins to develop a strategy. After a few matches, you can review the trends and stats for your strong and weak position.

Do not get angry

When you lose big or on an unlucky day, you will naturally feel uncomfortable. However, you need to control your emotions because playing with anger will distract you. Sometimes losing is not a big deal, just rest and end your day.

Understand your opponent

Besides the results of your matches, keep track of your opponent’s statistics too. This will help you understand tactics to play. You can try their tricks or use your tips in a different way.

Choose the best card combinations

Poker at online casino is a game with the goal of winning, but you must also avoid losing. This can be done simply by determining whether the card combinations in your hand are strong or weak. Read about what makes a good deck and if your deck is not on the list, don’t hesitate to skip.

Studying other people’s tips

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, the mistakes of others can be advantage for you. By understanding how others play, you can know their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you increase and decrease your bet, knowing how much to risk with your card combination.