Monter Carlo Casino – the largest casino in Malaysia

Casino system in Genting is something that visitors enjoy as much as other entertainment venues, because there are 3 casinos: Monter Carlo, Hollywood Casino, StarWorld Casino, and Monter Carlo are big and floating casinos. most famous. In front of Montero’s casino there is no security attendant, but only 2-3 employees wear uniforms like the staff in other areas in Genting.

According to the rules of the Online Casino Malaysia, the casino guests, men need to dress politely, absolutely not wearing umbrella clothes, shorts, but this regulation is often ignored, but for women can be comfortable in dressing up at the casino. Besides, there is a rather strict regulation that you cannot film or take photos.

If you guarantee these requirements, Casino Monter Carlo always welcome guests to play. In addition, some areas also have a ban on smoking, however, visitors consider this as only a theoretical rule because anywhere in the casino, visitors also see smoke and strong odor of medicine.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Online Casino Malaysia,

Step through the screen outside the door, is a money exchange counter for guests to play at the Casino. At this counter, visitors will proceed to exchange money to Ringit and use that money to buy chips.

Rounds are circular coins denominated in different denominations: Red copper coins correspond to 10RM, the blue copper in the middle is white with the price of 25 RM, the black value is 100RM, the white copper corresponds to 2.5RM. Stepping inside is hundreds of gambling machines arranged in long rows in space with dim electric lights.

Going deeper inside, a large auditorium appeared before us, with rows of round tables that were Rulex turntables. At each table, there was a controlled Deuler, which was quite young at around 20 years old, but perhaps due to the specific work done in the lack of sunlight, they all had bluish white skin.

This auditorium has at least about 200 Rulex tables. Besides the poker tables interspersed with dice tables and many other gambling tables. This large auditorium is considered a public area of ​​the Monter Carlo, because according to some people, this Casino also has an area reserved for VIPs to play, those who usually do not play in this VIP area. To access the international VIP area, guests need to have a foreign passport, and on condition that they have to register WorldCard.