Many attractive games at M88 online casino

M88 online casino is one of the most chosen and loved by players today because of its wide variety of products as well as prestige, safety, and quality. Coming to Casino M88, players will also have the opportunity to enjoy many different games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Poker…

Each game will also have different requirements as well as many different features and rules. The article below, send you the most popular games at this Malaysia online casino.

With the highest win rate, Baccarat M88 is also one of the most popular games at online casinos in general as well as online casino M88 in particular.


With the very simple gameplay, the ability to win money of many players is extremely high with the attraction and interesting, the Blackjack M88 game is increasingly attracting the attention of the players.

The rules of the game Black Jack are extremely simple, players will also how to achieve a total score closest to 21. The party whose score is close to the above requirement will also become the winner at M88 online casino.


Along with Baccarat and Black Jack, Roulette is also one of the most popular online casino games at the M88 house. The game of Roulette also possesses very simple rules of play, great odds of winning, the same excitement on the Roulette table, and most of the stories and legends of miraculous luck are the biggest reasons. Solves the fame and trend of the game Roulette.

When you play the Roulette game at M88 online casino, players can also participate in playing at any time and anywhere and only need the device to be connected to the Internet.

There are many attractive games at M88 online casino

Slots games

The Online Slot Game is also considered to be one of the most popular and in the Malaysia online casino, with thousands of people participating every day. Online Slot Games have originated from five-pipe games based on the Poker game and have also gradually evolved into Video Slot, and Fruit Machines and is now Online Slot at M88 online casino.


Above is a summary of the most popular games at the prestigious M88 casino. If you love and experience these games together, do not hesitate to set up an m88 account right now. Wish you have fun playing the game and will have a chance to get the most attractive rewards right now!

How to play 2-card poker at the W88 house (Part 1)

Poker as you all know or have heard, this is a form of online casino gambling for real money is very much interested gambling.

Currently, the number of 2-to-3-leaf poker players at the house of w88 betting is increasing, this is the game with the most variations, in the Bigkool card game system, this game is invested and built according to the real life basic poker. The community of big kool poker players is currently considered to be the largest community with the highest number of participants. Join us to discover how to play a 2-card poker at W88 is one of the prestigious bookmakers, through the article below.

Basic poker leaf rule

The rules of 2-leaf poker in particular and the poker game in general, are quite simple. This game starts the game by having 2 cards dealt and not seeing each other’s cards. After that 5 community cards will be drawn in 3 rounds in order of 3-1-1, the first round will be shown 3 cards at the same time, two rounds after each round will be shown to everyone to decide to place a bet, according to or retreat at each round. The winner is the other person who does not retreat in the round and has the best 5-card deck drawn from the 2 cards in the hand and the 5 largest community cards. Specifically, we will describe and analyze carefully below:

Step 1: Start playing

In each specific hand, before dealing, the player must make a bet first. The bet of 2 players is called Blinds, the first player will bet on the minimum bet, the second player will have to bet an amount twice the amount of the first person, the first person is Small Blinds, and the person The second is Big Blind – the usual way of calling a 2-card poker bet at the house of w88. These are all professional terms in poker, remember to avoid confusion.

As soon as the Blinds bet has been placed, each player will be dealt 2 cards to start the first round of betting for this round. The next player in the first round is the person next to the big blind.

Step 2: Make a selection for each betting round

In the different betting rounds, each player in turn will make a choice and make his own decision, whether to continue or stop, waiting for the new game. Here’s a basic concept for you to understand how to play 2-card poker at the w88 house.

  • Upside down: Skip current hand, for example a small hand. The up-and-down player loses money on the previous bets.
  • According to: Keep playing, if a person raises money first, you have to put more money in the pot equal to the previous one.
  • Poker: Including “Follow” and add money to the pot, the extra amount limits from 1 to 20 times the table bet.
  • Tip: Put all your money into the eraser.

The round will end when only one player continues to play on the table, or no one else raises anymore.

Common mistakes when playing Baccarat you should know

This is considered the mistake that baccarat players make most often. Because at the tie, if you win you will be paid 8 to 9 times the amount you bet. That’s why a lot of players have focused on this type of door only.

However, this is considered the most difficult door to eat and will be very easy to clean up your pocket money. Therefore, you should not focus on one door but pay attention to the other two. Sometimes, if you want you can also try your luck.

Increase the amount of bets on the Banker door

Baccarat has a very high repeatability. That is usually a Banker sequence wins then a Player sequence wins. In which Banker dominates but does not mean continuous.

Many people want to take advantage of this, from noticing when the Banker door loses continually, the bet increases many times. Hopefully, the Player’s winning streak will end soon and return to Banker’s door. This is the most common and most dangerous mistake when playing Baccarat at online casino.

In fact, to know when the series ends, you need to look at the bet history to find out the rules. Increasing the risk of a bluff when not sure if the Player’s winning streak has ended is a fatal mistake.

Common mistake when playing Baccarat bet without commission

At the house bet table the banker will take away 5% of this commission if you place a Banker door and win. Whereas your bet with commission will only pay 50% if the Banker wins with 6 buttons.

You may think that if every game takes 5%, then too sorry for the long to lose 50%/game. But in fact the probability of Banker winning 6 nodes is 5.39%

Besides, you also forget that the table of the house edge at the baccrat table has a 50% higher commission than the non-commission table. Specifically, 1.46% compared to 1.06%. So in fact, playing baccrat with commission will be more beneficial in most cases.

Look forward to the card counting strategy

You’ve probably heard of baccarat card counting tactics. And think that if you apply this method, you can win. Please correct with yourself that this thought is completely wrong. Because Baccarat is usually played with 8 decks of cards and so counting is almost impossible.

Do not know how to bet and the risks associated with playing baccarat

In baccarat, when you place a bet on the Player or Banker there will also be different advantages for the house. The ratio of advantages is 1.24 and 1.06%, respectively. This is considered the lowest rate compared to other card games. Usually the payout ratio on winning bets will be 1: 1. But because while playing Baccarat, Banker’s win rate is slightly higher than Player’s win rate. Therefore, when a player places a bet on Banker, the house will collect 5% of the commission if won. This is the mistake that new baccrat players often make. Because you will often not pay attention to information about the odds or payout rates.

Playing cards in online casino as a popular form of entertainment

Playing cards online is one of the most attractive forms of online entertainment and attracts a large number of participants. Websites and applications that allow access to the online gaming system are always packed with players because of its appeal.

Besides the various forms of online entertainment such as free movies, online games that spend hours of young people, gambling online with the appearance of entertainment games more fashionable, more stylish, much more mature.

A popular form of online entertainment

The world of Interet today, with the explosion of technology and especially mobile devices, the online entertainment world is updated hourly. Numerous websites offer entertainment facilities, websites offering free movies, music, clips, images, reading stories, books, online gaming applications, etc. All make one. Colorful paintings, rich and varied, serving the user 24/7/365.

Multimedia websites in general, providing online entertainment content such as movies, photos, music, etc. are endless entertainment repositories, which you can not spend your whole life watching. Notably, Youtube is the largest video website in the world today.

Playing cards online and popular forms of online entertainment

Online games like League of Legends, Raid or Audition, these games are aimed at young people, have time but limited financial capacity and the common feature is that they do not want to invest too much. Money on forms of entertainment.

Online entertainment in these forms is a great and cheap way to relieve stress, but sometimes its addictive effects have unpredictable negative effects, you have probably heard of cases. young people have strokes or even lost their lives when participating in these games continuously for many days.

Playing cards online

Online gambling is a new form of entertainment that has emerged in recent years, simulating real-time gambling and relying on the power of technology to bring players to the online gambling world all the time, which connects the community of card players through the Internet.

The benefits of playing online casino bring

With many advantages compared to a traditional casino, the online casino also brings a lot of benefits for players if choosing the best casino.

As a person who has played for a long time, I encourage you to try playing, and it is best to try it, you should not bet too much, you can try in free casinos and it is best not to be greedy to avoid causing certain harm.

  • Playing prestigious Casino trains extremely good reflexes:

Online gambling is divided into many different game types, each mini-game corresponds to a different playing rule. In the course of playing, you will encounter many opponents with many different ways of fighting, forcing you to have quick thinking, quick reflexes for situations arising when participating in playing Casino. All will Train you with great reflexes and mind. Not only that, when playing online gambling also helps you train your eyes quickly, grasp the situation more acutely to cope and respond to the opponent’s tactics promptly and quickly.

  • Playing online Casino stimulates thinking

When playing the best Casino, not only anyone but everyone wants to win for themselves. Each game is like a real battle, each player is an artist to show off his brain to see who will win. Requiring the player will need to calculate carefully, think more to deal with the opponent and devise tactics to win.

  • Playing the prestigious Casino slows down the process of dementia

Over time, the brain will age, the memory will become less and less sensitive. When playing reputable Casino games, the brain will be operated more often to help reverse the process of memory impairment of the brain. Science has researched and proved that playing intellectual games will help us improve brain functions quite effectively as well as stimulate cognition, memory, deduction, etc.

  • Playing the best casino will have moments of relaxation and stress reduction

Many people choose to play online casino to relax after stressful working hours or reduce the stress they often encounter at work. With just one device connected to the internet, you can unleash your freedom in your own world without disturbing anyone.

The benefits that online casino brings are really interesting and worth it for game lovers to try their own with these intellectual and challenging games. Through this, I hope you will have moments of really fun entertainment and know somewhere if you’re lucky you can win yourself a huge fortune.

Good luck!

The most attractive games at online casino

Online casinos now have a lot of games but most of them are just a few that are easy to play, don’t need too much experience but are easy to win for many.

The following are a few games that rely on the suggestion of players who have many years of playing experience and play the most at reputable online casino.

The most attractive games in online casinos include:

Roulette game at online casino

Roulette is a popular online casino game at online casinos. The rules are very simple, with great odds and interest on the table. Roulette also carries many stories and legends about magic fortunes. This is the reason to explain the popularity and trend of this game. It can also be said that this is the most prestigious reputable casino game.

Slot game

Online slots are a game currently popular in online casinos with millions of people playing. This is a game that started from a five-pipe game based on the Poker deck and gradually turned into a Video Slot, Fruit Machines. Currently, it is called Online Slot. The game allows players to play the slot game genre with long established confirmed percentage odds.

Video Poker or Poker machine

Video poker has been popular in online casinos since the early 70’s. It is currently one of the most popular forms of card play. This game is for players who enjoy games that require very high techniques, a very low house edge and often have the potential to win big. The rule of playing video poke is very simple, you only need to bet from 1 cent to 5 coins, the machine will give you five different cards, you choose which cards to keep, which cards to discard. Thus the machine will also replace you with a different card from your discarded cards and then return you the corresponding coin value of your own card.

Black Jack

Online blackjack is the game that is not only played because of its interesting nature, but also because of its curiosity because it is so popular in online casinos. This online blackjack is easy to play. The player has an additional chance of winning when they can choose to play this game at home. To play online blackjack all you have to do is try to get the closest total score of 21.

Baccarat game

In Baccarat at online casinos you can also bet as a house or as a house. The player who wins this will be determined based on the total number of cards in the player’s hand, the hand of cards with a total of 8 or 9 points is called the highest card or natural card. Almost no cards are played after these cards.

5 tips to remember when playing online casino

The suggestions below will help you get the secret to higher odds, not 100% sure you will win the dealer.

Right here are 5 great ways to help you play online casino games more definitely.

1. Understand the online casino you plan to join

Currently, in Malaysia, there are many famous bookmakers such as M88, 188 BET, 12BET, W88, FUN88,… Basically, the betting method at the above bookmakers is similar. The difference is only in the odds, the interface, the preferential policies, customer care,…


Therefore, do not rush to join a house when you do not understand anything about it, especially do not just read some information online and hurry you! Find out carefully about a house and then register an account.

2. Be prepared to lose at the online casino

Playing online casino as well as playing casino at the casino, both have profit and loss, so players must be mentally prepared when you pour into the casino a large amount of money but do not get anything back.

Keep your head clear and always aware of your win-win rate. More specifically, you need to know how much you’ve spent and how much you’ve won since you started playing.

3. Beware of gambling tips

In online casinos as well as real casinos require players to play and experience what is real in the casino to gain experience to play. Some basic guidelines will also be needed, helping you avoid basic mistakes when playing online casino but not always 100% guaranteed. If not then all online casinos will be bankrupt.

4. Know what game you should choose

When I first participated in online gambling at M88 casino, I was sure not many people loaded in more than 1 million to try first. Instead, the majority of people usually top up at least $10.

So, with that modest budget, what game should you play at the online casino of the M88 dealer? This is an equally important question as the odds for a given game.

Some of the best online casino games for beginners and have little capital: Roulette, blackjack, baccarat and crap. After finishing the betting round, players can receive a large amount of money, but you are not always lucky!


5. Enhancing the spirit of entertainment

Despite being a real money game, M88 casino can also cause players to be in debt or have a headache for losing money. Therefore, consider online casino to be an entertaining game like League of Legends or other online games.

Stop for entertainment purposes only, once the game just stops at the fun level, you will feel less stressed and more lucid.

The 10 best online casino games in 2020 at the house Dafabet (Part 2)

4. Blackjack

Blackjack (21 point game) is an extremely popular onlie casino game in the world, it is a confrontation between the house and the house. Among Casino Games, Blackjack is said to be able to beat the house with card counting skills, so it is always a table that attracts many people in the Casino.

Start a game of Blackjack, each house and the house are dealt 2 cards. The children have the right to draw additional cards to improve their scores if desired. In short, the way to play Blackjack is: we need to beat the house with a higher score but not exceeding 21.

5. The Jackpot game

Jackpot is a popular Casino game with the special feature that when losing, the money the player loses will be added to the total value of that Jackpot game.

This amount is accumulated until someone wins, meaning that the player who wins last will receive all the big money according to the number of previous players accumulated, the Jackpot reward is usually very large.

Jackpot has many variations such as fruit, nature, pirate, snake dragon, but the principle of play is still the same.

6. Slot Game

Slot Game is also known as a slot machine, which is a very popular game at Malaysia online casino. A slot game consists of 3-5 horizontal and 3-5 vertical lines along with many different icons depending on the theme of the gaming machine.

When players operate, the machine also emits a lot of fun sounds, slot game is also a game accounting for a significant proportion of the revenue of online casinos.

Players will win when there are at least 2 or 3 identical symbols on the same payout. Or when spinning the game, you have special bonus symbols that will help you win big and have a chance to win the Jackpot.

The secret to winning in Baccarat at online casino

Do you know why do most players have more wins than losses, and in the end, the money loses? This proves that your bet process has a problem, maybe when you bet big, you lose, and when you bet small amounts win, if so, the end result is still losing more than common sense.

If you want to solve the above problem, it is best for the player to orient a specific plan for yourself in the game, and wholeheartedly implement the proposed plan, such a plan will certainly not You can see the effect immediately, but in the long term, the results that it brings will naturally be more positive. If the player only blindly bet, do not know how to manage his money and spin, it will only make the player lose more miserably, and in the long run, the amount of winning bets will drop even more.

Players who want to win Baccarat online casino game, in addition to having your own skills, you must create a detailed plan of playing.

Baccarat players have to be firm in managing their capital, only then can they maintain their capital and winnings, to minimize their losses and at the same time achieve. Certain victories in the game longer lasting. If there is a situation of consecutive losses in the game, the player should not eat blood to the end, even if before that has lost a significant amount, it is absolutely not possible because of a hot minute to remove gauze but recklessly, the more psychologically that is, the easier it is to lose, if you do not want to have a satisfactory outcome, then it is best to control it and never let this happen.

If the game day is not lucky, all the winnings are also lost, you need to stop at the appropriate time and must resolutely leave the table if you want to continue the game, then dismiss the hot temper, because the hotter the Baccarat players, the easier it is to make the wrong decisions. If that day wins a decent amount of money and the card is always good, the player can try to slowly raise the higher bet, but also need to know the stopping point, absolutely not until the winning amount is returned to other players.

Players participating in Baccarat need to plan the playing time every day, absolutely not to play while physically and mentally tired, because at times like this the player is very prone to chaos, even more unable to practice median spirit to come up with a right strategy.

6 types of Asian people you will meet in a casino table

1. Asians are good at cheating

A common stereotype of Asians is that they have good manners, but are very cunning and easy to deceive you, these “conspiracies” always seem to take place silently.

2. Chinese people have their own slang in casinos.

In the casino, no one cares if you have bad English. Chinese people always say what they think directly, and do not need to know you use grammar correctly.

3. Malaysian players are difficult to make a contract

Malaysian women in their 50-60s want to fight. They will take your money and then shout at you until you raise the issue. Once, I saw two Malaysian old women trying to hit each other in the head at an Malaysia casino. I think the dispute is kind of intentional.

Anyway, if I had a prejudice against other people, I wouldn’t be fooled against them because they would fight back.

4. Japanese people are gentle and smart

When it comes to money, Japanese players are very good at strategy. They know when to let go or continue playing. Inside the Cali casino, you will rarely see any Japanese in such expensive, dangerous, non-transparent places. Japanese people are smart people.

5. Like in Korean movies, Koreans are very emotional

Koreans know how to make a first impression. From the scent, the clothes are very well groomed. They like to show and bet an incredible amount of money. That is why they are known as high risk players.

6. Thai people are polite and practical

They just tend to be polite, polite and have fun around. Often the casino staff will be Thai. The girls dealing Thai cards have a humorous attitude and talk softly. The Thai cashier girl will share about the book she is reading instead of tips for playing cards. Thai waiters always bring rice with everything, even dishes that do not need rice.

Generally not all Asian players have such attitudes, this article only exposes the real situation of Asians in casinos in the West. To save time, cost money and deal with annoying people why not play in an online casino at home when it’s much more comfortable. All you need is a laptop or mobile phone with an internet connection and you’re done.