6 types of Asian people you will meet in a casino table

1. Asians are good at cheating

A common stereotype of Asians is that they have good manners, but are very cunning and easy to deceive you, these “conspiracies” always seem to take place silently.

2. Chinese people have their own slang in casinos.

In the casino, no one cares if you have bad English. Chinese people always say what they think directly, and do not need to know you use grammar correctly.

3. Malaysian players are difficult to make a contract

Malaysian women in their 50-60s want to fight. They will take your money and then shout at you until you raise the issue. Once, I saw two Malaysian old women trying to hit each other in the head at an Malaysia casino. I think the dispute is kind of intentional.

Anyway, if I had a prejudice against other people, I wouldn’t be fooled against them because they would fight back.

4. Japanese people are gentle and smart

When it comes to money, Japanese players are very good at strategy. They know when to let go or continue playing. Inside the Cali casino, you will rarely see any Japanese in such expensive, dangerous, non-transparent places. Japanese people are smart people.

5. Like in Korean movies, Koreans are very emotional

Koreans know how to make a first impression. From the scent, the clothes are very well groomed. They like to show and bet an incredible amount of money. That is why they are known as high risk players.

6. Thai people are polite and practical

They just tend to be polite, polite and have fun around. Often the casino staff will be Thai. The girls dealing Thai cards have a humorous attitude and talk softly. The Thai cashier girl will share about the book she is reading instead of tips for playing cards. Thai waiters always bring rice with everything, even dishes that do not need rice.

Generally not all Asian players have such attitudes, this article only exposes the real situation of Asians in casinos in the West. To save time, cost money and deal with annoying people why not play in an online casino at home when it’s much more comfortable. All you need is a laptop or mobile phone with an internet connection and you’re done.